One price for every page, one contact person for all issues.

From custom results to a tailor-made concept:
UTAX DOCUMENT CONSULTING delivers a solution exactly suited to your needs based on a detailed analysis. Using state-of-the-art, multifunctional digital technology from UTAX, savings of 10% are realistic.

With UTAX DOCUMENT CONSULTING, only the page production is important to you, and regardless of what output system you use, it always has the same price - copied, printed, faxed or scanned. And, since service has already been taken into consideration, you do not only save costs but also time. All your questions relating to your output systems, from maintenance through to consumables, are answered by one competent contact person.

Our contribution to the perfect business process.

From archiving to a perfectly harmonised workflow to form management – with UTAX DOCUMENT CONSULTING, you can organise your document and output management efficiently on every level. With DOCUMENTS4WORK, FORMS
4WORK and ACCOUNTING4WORK, our wide range of innovative software products offers the right application for all aspects of document-related business processes and all company sizes.

UTAX DOCUMENT CONSULTING – systematically finding the perfect solution.

Before: A jumble of different systems,
no transparency of costs and utilisation.


Current-state analysis


    Desired-state concept
and implementation

+ capital tied-up until now for additional investments

After: A combination of systems to meet the needs
of your company, including cost transparency

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