Philosophy & Sales Concept       

We believe in a co-operative stance
The term “partnership” serves as the basis of our co-operation with our authorised dealers, business partners and customers.

We have firmly embedded such values as reliability, professionalism and expertise into our day-to-day business which stimulates such partnerships. Mutual trust, clear communication and fairness govern our actions and provide a basis for lasting success with our business partners.

Tailor-made solutions
Our sales concept is a trend-setting consultancy tool: UTAX DOCUMENT CONSULTING.

First, a detailed as-is analysis of all output systems in use at the customer´s is carried out. At the same time, efficiency and cost aspects are examined and the individual utilisation of the systems is taken into account.

Based on these results, an individual and tailor-made offering is submitted to the customer, quoting one fixed price for the output page, regardless of the system it was printed on. Using our multifunctional, digital UTAX systems, we achieve total cost transparancy and a cost reduction of a realistic 10 percent.

Combined with our software solutions as to forms printout, document management, archiving and accounting, we are able to offer one holistic solution for the company´s document workflow – both in hard copy or electronic format.