UTAX smart:       

The solution UTAX smart by UTAX GmbH is a professional Managed Document Solutions (MDS) software for dealers and medium-sized companies. smart stands for System Monitoring Analysing Reporting Tool. The UTAX smart box records all consumption data and error messages of all printing and photocopying equipment – reliably and independent of type or manufacturer. With UTAX smart, dealers and customers gain simple access to anything of importance via web browser or mobile devices. This means full cost and benefit transparency for businesses and central administration as well as continuous optimisation of the output infrastructure by the dealer. With UTAX smart, administrators constantly receive daily updated information on operator behaviour as well as costs and benefits of the installed systems. If the equipment used is no longer consistent with current requirements and actual workflows due to the business development or an employee fluctuation, the infrastructure can be optimally adjusted within a short time frame.
With UTAX smart, medium-sized businesses save twice: direct costs, because the system procurement can consistently be optimized according to the demands, and above all, indirect costs, because the administration of all systems is being centralised.

Find more information and a gallery tour at www.utax-smart.de.