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Safety-related information Vulnerability KX driver

Vulnerability in KX driver (CVE-2023-38634)
I. Summary of the vulnerability
: The following vulnerability has been identified in KX Driver: Authorization Vulnerability.
The vulnerability relates to a vulnerability known as Microsoft Windows Unquoted Service Path Enumeration. An executable path vulnerability and the creation of an unquoted service could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary programs (e.g., malware) with Windows system privileges.
It is possible to revoke Windows system privileges, and it is possible to spy on information that exists under Windows or to perform an attack with system privileges.
However, the attacker must have access to the target Windows system to do so.
Affected products:
Software products that are affected by a similar vulnerability:
  • Status Monitor
  • TA Fleetmanager NetGateway
  • Device Manager
  • TA Cloud Print and Scan Desktop client
  • TA Smart Information Manager (TASIM)
At the time of this publication, we are not aware of any attacks that exploit these vulnerabilities.
II. Solution description
As a countermeasure, a new KX Driver web package is available that addresses the vulnerability. We recommend installing the latest driver.

Release of update versions for the affected products
KX Driver (incl. Status Monitor)                   published
TA Fleetmanager NetGateway                     published
Device Manager                                              published
TA Cloud Print and Scan                               published
TA Smart Information Manager (TASIM)   published