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Office printers and MFPs

Multifunction printers digitise paper documents and are integrated into the subsequent workflows. UTAX prides itself on exceeding expectations in terms of performance, convenience, security and, last but not least, sustainability.

UTAX Hardware products, office printer and MFP

Office printers used to be used for printing and copying. Today, the focus is shifting: Scanning is becoming at least as important. Paper is transformed into digital documents and stored directly in the right folders. This enables digital workflows and the multifunction printer, or MFP for short, becomes the enabler of digital processes.

From UTAX's wide range of products, customers can choose the model that exactly fits their tasks. Many multifunction printers can process A3, others are limited to A4. Most printing systems are geared towards colour, but there are also devices for black and white operation. And if, in addition to printing, copying and scanning with the MFP, you also want to fax: no problem!

The more extensive the tasks, the more demanding the requirements on the MFP. Multifunction printers digitise paper documents and are integrated into the subsequent workflows. Monitoring the networked printer fleet and controlling all print processes and the device fleet are taken for granted today. UTAX prides itself on exceeding customer expectations of multifunction devices in terms of performance, convenience, security and, last but not least, sustainability.

The performance of our multifunction printers

Speed is of the essence - and speed is what UTAX multifunction printers deliver. The new generation of MFPs once again increases the ppm speed, i.e. the number of prints per minute. The black-and-white MFP 8057i with 80 ppm and the new 7008ci model, which achieves 70 ppm, are far ahead - regardless of whether colour or black-and-white. The image quality is even improved. The new UTAX toner makes black even blacker and provides even more brilliance for colour prints.

The MFPs from UTAX also set the pace when it comes to scanning. Up to 274 image pages per minute can be digitised during high-speed scanning - a top value! The paper supply will not be a problem: The new models can hold up to 320 sheets in the document feeder. In addition, they detect staples and, via ultrasonic sensor, whether several pages have been accidentally fed in at the same time.

The convenience of our multifunction printers

Users love UTAX's multifunction printers because they are so convenient to use. The new generation of MFPs increases this usability even further. Using them is simple and intuitive: just like on a smartphone, the icons on the display can be clicked and the user interface can be moved in the desired direction with your finger. The displays have been redesigned and adapted to the design of the printer driver, making them even easier to use. Incidentally, they are also faster: the MFPs from UTAX use a motion sensor to detect if someone is approaching and start up.

A charming new feature is called Multi-Crop: the function makes it possible to scan and thus digitise up to 16 receipts simultaneously and in an orderly fashion. Even if the receipts and sales slips are lying in disarray on the glass plate: Multi-Crop sorts them into rows and rows. This eliminates the tedious work of either scanning the receipts individually or first sticking them on A4 sheets and then scanning them together.

The LEDs on the display and near the output tray have also been improved and cleverly positioned: the LEDs provide information on the system status and flash if there is still a printout, copy or fax in the output tray. This reduces the risk of confidential documents or incoming faxes being forgotten.

The security of our multifunction printers

The office printers of yesteryear have long since become computers with hard drives of up to 1 terabyte in size. That's why UTAX sets the highest security standards for its MFPs. This includes overwriting all data seven times after use so that it cannot be recovered. Also standard is TLS v1.3, currently the most frequently used encryption protocol for secure data transmission on the internet.

Secure Boot and Run-Time Integrity Check are effective protection: these security features constantly check the firmware both at start-up and during operation. This automatically checks whether authorised firmware is being used. As soon as there are signs of manipulation, the system immediately sounds an alarm. All apparent or real system errors are additionally logged via SIEM to be able to trace any manipulations.

Sustainability is also an issue with MFPs

Doing business sustainably means conserving resources. This is evident, for example, in the toner technology used in the new MFP generation. The heating element only needs to be heated to 120°C, 20°C less than before. At the same time, the new technology ensures that toner - at a higher output, by the way! - needs to be replaced less often. This also increases the service life of UTAX toner cartridges, which are the longest-lasting cartridges in the industry thanks to their ceramic components.

It is not only due to the new toner technology that the new MFPs consume less energy. Many small adjustments have been made so that the new generation optimises the typical energy consumption (TEC value) between 6 and 10.5 per cent downwards, depending on the model.

Non-stop research

The experts at UTAX are constantly working on improving the performance, usability and security of the office printers and MFPs - and they pay attention to sustainability. This applies to all models. This doesn't always work at the same time: for the time being, the performance spectrum shown here applies to all MFPs that are suitable for both A4 and A3. These are the models 2508ci, 3508ci, 4008ci, 5008ci, 6008ci and 7008ci as well as 5058i, 6058i and 7058i. The rest will follow - as soon as possible.

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