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Our environmental management

Maintaining the natural harmony of the environment and protecting it from negative influences is one of the most important challenges of our time. We devote ourselves to this goal with all our entrepreneurial commitment and by setting high standards for ourselves.
Environment UTAX

Shaping the future together. For the sake of the environment

The following pages will give you an overview of our commitment to sustainability. If you would like to find out more, please feel free to get in touch with us. We look forward to being able to tell you more.

ISO 14001: the number for sustainability

We are certified! The ISO 14001 standard lays the foundation for establishing, implementing, monitoring and further developing environmental management systems.
Environment_ISO 14001_Sustainability

Handling chemicals: REACH governs all

Great care is called for when it comes to chemicals. The European Chemicals Regulation REACH imposes obligations on companies in this regard. REACH regulates the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals and thereby establishes the necessary transparency.
Environment Handling chemicals

More than eco-friendly: using brainpower to pack smartly

We pack our products in “smart” boxes, avoiding materials such as polystyrene and other fillers. We only use recyclable materials such as transport pallets, which are mostly made of cardboard.
Environment Packaging

The Blue Angel ecolabel

The German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labelling (RAL) has been awarding the Blue Angel certificate since 1978. We are delighted to be a member of this important ecolabel and to make a contribution to protecting the environment.
Environment Blue Angel

Excellent energy consumption with Energy Star

Almost every one of our products meets the requirements of the "Energy Star" label. This means that a system's energy consumption in idle mode meets all the requirements specified by the energy-saving programme.
Environment excellent energy consumption

An ace at emissions

Above and beyond: the government has imposed strict limits on emissions to protect consumers. Our products register readings that fall significantly below these specified (voluntary) limit values, sometimes by a large degree. This applies to ozone, dust and styrene emissions.
environment an ace in emissions

Recycling as a corporate principle

UTAX is one of the founders of ear (elektro-altgeräte register, meaning "Register of Old Electric Devices"), which is responsible for coordinating the free disposal of electronic waste by manufacturers. It therefore follows that UTAX systems are returned to us in a professional manner.
We would be happy to provide you with a general overview of the standby performance of products in the network mode in the context of the Ecodesign Regulation. This regulation can be found here: Download

Do you have any questions about our environmental management strategies? Feel free to send us a message at

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