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UTAX SolutionPacks

UTAX SolutionPacks deliver tried and tested workflows for a range of tasks. The compact package solutions are easy to use, which makes them the ideal entry point to digital processes.

UTAX Software Solution Packs

The software in the five UTAX SolutionPacks takes MFP features and capabilities to a new, higher level, in that the printing systems are integrated into document processing workflows. As a result, the UTAX SolutionPacks offer a convenient and straightforward introduction to digital document management.

The benefits of UTAX SolutionPacks

  • They are quick and easy to install.
  • They save time and costs by means of professional document management.
  • They offer reliable security strategies for handling sensitive data.
  • They allow processes to be adapted to suit specific requirements.

The individual UTAX SolutionPacks focus on productivity, security and digitising paper documents. The EasyPack is ideal for beginners. Each of these straightforward package solutions will immediately increase the efficiency of your processes.

UTAX EasyPack

UTAX EasyPack makes getting started with digital processes an effortless experience. Simply install the software and off you go! At the heart of the software is the Follow2Print system. It activates print jobs only once authorised staff have proved their identity at the MFP. This increases security and has two further advantages: staff can collect documents in a digital box and print them all at once - on the MFP of their choice.

UTAX Software Easy Pack

The benefits:

  • Faster flow of documents increases efficiency.
  • Dispensing with high-maintenance server solutions saves time and money
  • Easy to install with no extra hardware or printer drivers required
  • Follow2Print can be used to retrieve documents from any MFP on the network
  • Increased security thanks to person-specific and protected printouts

UTAX ProductivityPack

Another backlog at the printer? Needless waiting times cost time and money and slow down productivity too. The UTAX ProductivityPack with the Follow2Print system helps to counter this. It sends all print jobs to a central spooler. Once the authorised employees have been authenticated, they can be retrieved at any printer or MFP in the network – even if the system is on another floor, in another building or even in another city.

UTAX Software ProductivityPack

The benefits:

  • Improved printing and scanning productivity
  • Follow2Print lets you retrieve documents from any MFP on your network
  • Flexibility thanks to individual authorisations and scan menus
  • Better overview, for example by assigning print jobs directly to specific customer and project accounts
  • Increased security thanks to person-specific and protected printouts
  • Processes adapted to the day-to-day business ensure efficiency

UTAX SecurityPack

A lot of documents in companies and public agencies are confidential. This makes it all the more important that they do not fall into the wrong hands. This is exactly what the UTAX SecurityPack can prevent. All transferred data is encrypted and can only be printed once the authorised person has confirmed their identity at the printing system. The data on the hard disk storage are automatically overwritten three times so that they cannot be restored. You can't get any safer!

UTAX Software Security Pack

The benefits:

  • All security-related processes are taken into account when transferring print data.
  • Copies and scans are protected against unauthorised access.
  • More flexibility in granting permissions: who has access to what?
  • Greater transparency thanks to direct cost centre allocations of your print jobs

UTAX ScanPack

Paper documents have two disadvantages: they cannot be edited and archiving them requires endless shelf space. Thanks to UTAX ScanPack, this is a thing of the past: once scanned, paper documents are converted into Word, Excel or PDF files that can be easily edited. The files can be forwarded or stored in a structured way in folders (suppliers, customers, clients, patients, etc.) and archived at the same time from the MFP itself. The display of the MFP is modified accordingly.

UTAX Software Scan Pack

The benefits:

  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Customised and user-specific filing structure
  • Fast and straightforward document search
  • Simplified processes for scanning, editing and distributing documents

UTAX ScanPack for Legal

There is no getting away from digital processes for lawyers and law firms. The UTAX ScanPack for Legal allows you to scan client documents, convert them into Word, Excel or PDF documents, forward them if required and then edit them. As the documents are sorted into folders and tagged with keywords, searching through archives is a thing of the past. Of course, data security is also guaranteed. The MFP's display is customised for this purpose.

UTAX Software Scan Pack for Legal

The benefits:

  • Documents can easily be scanned into the client folders of the law firm software.
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Customisable user interface with your most frequently used workflows
  • Fast and straightforward document search
  • Simplified processes for scanning, editing and distribution at the MFP