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UTAX Fleetmanager

The cloud-based UTAX Fleetmanager is a powerful solution for monitoring and remotely maintaining a fleet of printers and multifunctional systems. It allows you to keep an eye on the status of the entire fleet of units at any time. If a problem is detected, a service employee receives a notification directly via the cloud, which enables them to respond more quickly. The most important monitoring functions are available for systems made by various manufacturers, allowing you to manage your fleet independently of the system.

Thanks to the status notifications, a service employee can take care of any problems that arise before they affect you as a user. Service calls can therefore be scheduled more efficiently and downtimes can be reduced considerably. Updated service information directly from the control panel display of your multifunctional system or printer keeps you fully informed at all times. You have access to all the relevant statistical data, ranigng from viewing the error history to detailed information on print volume. Firmware upgrades can be carried out remotely, ensuring that your system landscape is always up to date. Service staff can also support you remotely with identifying and resolving errors or modifying the settings of your systems.

UTAX Device Manager

The UTAX Device Manager manages and maintains your printer fleet centrally and remotely. This solution gives you a constant overview of the status of your entire printer fleet and ensures that the systems are always up-to-date. This helps you to minimise possible downtimes. Configure and install multiple applications simultaneously and save valuable time. The result is lower costs, increased efficiency and optimised system usage.

Thanks to detailed reports, the information is always transparent and the entire printer fleet can be managed efficiently. The user-friendly planning functions help you with organisation.

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