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Print & Connectivity


Enables Windows-based management for form submission and print distribution.
The benefits for you
  • Easily design customised forms
  • Efficient control of printing operations within a company, such as automatic print distribution
  • Automatic creation of originals and duplicates - even on different paper types

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Capture & Distribution

Capture and distribute documents: our Capture & Distribution Solutions make digitising documents easier and therefore allow for more efficient processes. These solutions focus on converting paper to electronic documents during scanning (ScannerVision, Scan2OCR) and incorporating fax options (SmartFax) into digital workflows.
UTAX Software Capture and Distribution

Cost Control & Security

Our Cost Control & Security solutions allow you to encrypt print jobs and maintain the highest standards of security, since only authorised individuals can access and print documents. Logging in with a username and password, PIN and/or - as an option - ID card or transponder is extremely simple. aQrate also allows you to bill all print jobs on a per-user basis.
UTAX Cost control and security

Mobile & Cloud Solutions

Everyday business life is becoming more dynamic and mobile. The use of smartphones, tablets and cloud services are becoming part and parcel of everyday life. With our Mobile & Cloud solutions, we offer the ideal solutions for accessing the cloud, printing from mobile devices and digitally capturing handwritten documents.
UTAX Software mobile and cloud