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Mobile & Cloud Solutions

UTAX Cloud Print and Scan

More and more companies realise that their data is more convenient, cheaper and even safer kept in the cloud. Now they can also send print and scan jobs via cloud: UTAX Cloud Print and Scan allows location-independent printing and scanning. The advantage of the solution is the high security standard: jobs are managed centrally in the cloud and processed in encrypted form. Printing only takes place when the employee has authenticated himself or herself directly at the multifunction printer (MFP) with a card, user name and password or PIN. This prevents printouts falling from falling into wrong hands.

Mobile Print

The app for wirelessly connecting mobile devices to compatible UTAX printers and multifunctional systems.
The benefits for you
  • Print photos and documents from your mobile device - or even entire web pages via the integrated browser
  • Save documents scanned at the MFP to your mobile device and send them by email
  • Scan files from a mobile device and send them to an output system for printing (with optional integration in aQrate)
  • Create favourites, i.e. preferred or most frequently used output systems or MFPs

UTAX Cloud Connect

Everyday business life is becoming increasingly dynamic and ever more mobile. The use of smartphones, tablet PCs and cloud services has become the norm in many areas. But it is not only availability that counts. If you need to print documents stored in the cloud or quickly find the right document, what do you do? UTAX Cloud Connect is the straightforward solution, allowing you to access your personal cloud securely and directly from any HyPAS™-enabled multi-function printer (MFP). With no computer required, you can scan to the cloud on the go and print from the cloud at the nearest HyPAS™-enabled MFP, almost at the touch of a button. By using keywords and tags, you can access the right document directly. That is mobility that works. 

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Capture & Distribution

Capture and distribute documents: our Capture & Distribution Solutions make digitising documents easier and therefore allow for more efficient processes. These solutions focus on converting paper to electronic documents during scanning (ScannerVision, Scan2OCR) and incorporating fax options (SmartFax) into digital workflows.
UTAX Software Capture and Distribution

Cost Control & Security

Our Cost Control & Security solutions allow you to encrypt print jobs and maintain the highest standards of security, since only authorised individuals can access and print documents. Logging in with a username and password, PIN and/or - as an option - ID card or transponder is extremely simple. aQrate also allows you to bill all print jobs on a per-user basis.
UTAX Cost control and security

Print & Connectivity

Our Print & Connectivity solution ensures that documents are seamlessly digitised, converted and distributed for printing. KYOeasyprint designs individual forms and enables automatic print distribution. This helps to simplify and accelerate business processes.
UTAX software print and connectivity